How to Purchase Our Products

To purchase: Do one of the following. 1) Send us an email to 2) Send a WhatsApp or a text message to +233 50-473-6539. 3) Send a facebook or instagram message to @57Chocolate. For general inquiries call: +233 50-473-6539. Please indicate the date you need your chocolate. We offer delivery service at a fee based on your location. 

See the Price List of Our Products Below

Discover our signature chocolate bars and confections available in 10 or 50 grams. Our products contain no artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. We are raising the chocolate bar by keeping the cocoa in it's truest form!

They are perfect for a quick treat and come in dark, milk, white, mocha latte, and bissap. 

How Do I Store '57 Chocolate?

Store our products in a cool dry place between 12 and 20 degrees centigrade (e.g. in a pantry or cupboard in your kitchen). Generally, storing chocolate in the refrigerator changes its appearance and taste. If you must store it in a refrigerator put the chocolate in an air-tight container (e.g. tupperware).  Do not store your chocolate in the freezer.