Akwaaba! That means welcome in the native language of Ghana's Akan people. Bienvenue, to our West African francophone friends out there. We are excited to launch our blog series: "'57 Things We Love About Ghana."  The objective of this series is to show Ghana (Gah-Na) through a different lens. In no way do we believe that Ghana is perfect. However, we choose optimism and wish to see the value of its potential. 

When we moved back to Ghana two years ago, a frequent question directed toward us was: "Why come back after living abroad for so long?" "You are better off abroad, where there is wealth and development. There is nothing here. You've come back to poverty and hardship."

Yet this did not discourage us, because Ghana is home and a place filled with wealth, resources, and untapped potential. It's a place of opportunity. If only we, the people of the country can take action to create, develop and add value to our wealth locally.

This is what '57 Chocolate is all about. It's not just about the chocolate. It's about inspiring the youth to do more with the resources we have at home.  To grow, process and create. It may start with a bean but it ends with possibility! 

Generally, when people think of Ghana, the first four things that come to mind are:

1. Gold

2. Cocoa

3. The first African nation to gain independence

4. A developing or "third world" country 

We would like you to know that there is so much more to Ghana. To us, it's the hidden gems that matter the most. Through this blog, you will read about tips, highlights, amazing Ghanaian leaders and daring entrepreneurs that are not featured in everyday media. The most important thing about this blog is that you will read contributions from foreigners who currently call Ghana home, people who have come and gone, Africans in the Diaspora and those who have known Ghana all their life.  

For those of you who are living in Ghana, we hope this series inspires a new found love or appreciation for the country. To those who have yet to visit, let this serve as a form of encouragement to book your first flight over. Let us together immerse ourselves in all that Ghana has to offer.

What we hope to accomplish is a re-awakening of the continent's potential. (We hope you got goose bumps from that last sentence, because we know we did!) 

With chocolate and much love,

Kimberly & Priscilla