Meet the '57 Sisters


 Kimberly Addison (Co-Founder):

Kim fell in love with the possibility of making chocolate when she went on a factory tour in Switzerland.  Amused and intrigued by the fact that Ghana grew the main ingredient in chocolate (cocoa) but produced very little chocolate itself, Kim embarked on an adventure and took up the challenge of learning to make chocolate from bean to bar, adding more value to the cocoa bean, right at home!

Favorite ‘57 Chocolate:  Dark chocolate with sea salt.

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Priscilla Addison (Co-Founder): 

Priscilla prefers the flavor of vanilla to chocolate, but after learning how to make chocolate from bean to bar, her appreciation has risen to new heights. She is excited to embark on this creative journey with her sister, Kimberly. Not only does she serve as co-chef, she brings her marketing and communications expertise to this venture. 

Favorite ‘57 Chocolate: 55% milk chocolate with almonds and sea salt.